Amazing Hand Railing Pieces From Cannon Security Fabrications

Hand railing pieces are quite important to enhance the look of any stair set and balcony. There are so many beautiful designs in them. Wood, concrete, cement structures and metal decorative pieces are used to create these rails. The most beautiful among them are the rails made up of metals like steel. They come in both traditional as well as contemporary designs. In addition to serving the ornamental purpose they are used for safety too. They are designed to hold massive weight as most people who climb the stairs or stand in the balcony lean on these structures, putting their full body weight onto them. Metal hand railing pieces are fabricated using advanced technologies to look exclusively beautiful as well as stay strong.

Cannon security Fabrications Company is well known for producing balustrades and Security Doors items in Sydney. They fabricate very high quality steel using traditional methods to form extra hard railings. They use modern galvanization techniques to coat them with zinc and prevent rusting. They provide extra strong grips and joints. The gates and fences provided by the company are extremely safe from any type of breaking in attempts. Their durability is also extremely high compared to the other gates, rails and doors in the market. The company produces a wide range of products, some of which are listed below.

1. Custom steel doors – designed artistically to fit special home décor needs
2. Custom screen door – designed especially to fit the elaborately designed windows
3. Wrought iron doors – extremely traditional to look, providing utmost safety
4. Security doors – which can be easily unlocked from inside in case of emergency. But they are extremely hard to break open from the outside.
5. Automatic gates – modern gates which open automatically on arrival of the owner’s vehicle. They are controlled through remote.
6. Swing gate – traditional gates which can be swung open using a remote or manually. Most of the modern villas use this type of gates to increase the look of the house.

They produce several, fencing and railing items in addition to window and door fittings. Remember the movie “Just married” where Ashton Kutcher hits his car against the enormous gate of the heroine’s villa? The gate will stands as sturdy as a rock, while his car starts smoking. Any person looking at the movie couldn’t stop wondering what a great gate? If you want one such extremely strong gate protecting your house from poachers, Cannon security Fabrication Company is the best choice to produce one.